2nd Day In Oslo and 1st Day in Tromso.


I spent most of my day walking around Oslo with my good friend, Melissa. We walked from the hotel to the Central Station then to the high street, the castle, park and the harbour.

I am still very impressed with Oslo. The city is so clean and people are so friendly. The only thing that bugs me is the price. It is way too expensive for my liking.

The snow was still there in the morning. It was so surreal. Loved it to bits.

Oslo is such a small place where everything is so easily accessible. If you are used to the hustle and bustle of London then Oslo can be considered like walking around
Mayfair. It’s really an easy place to walk around.

If walking is not what you’re into, then the tubes are practically everywhere and it’s fairly easy to get to where you want to go.

Melissa and I had lunch at McDonalds (I know…) that overlooked the beautiful Oslo harbour and we later walked back to my hotel and took the cab to the train station for the airport.

Just outside Central Station, Oslo In A Park Somewhere in Oslo On A Park Bench Kids Ice Skating Ice Bottle National Theatre, Oslo Statue Oslo Building Oslo Palace 1 Oslo Palace 2 Oslo Harbour

We said our goodbyes at around 2PM and I continued my journey to meet my travelling buddy – Janet Johnson who was already waiting for me at the airport gate. Our onward journey was Tromso – above the Arctic Circle and only about 1,000 odd miles to the North Pole.

Janet was with me for just the weekend and she would then fly back to London.

Our flight departed from Oslo at around 4PM and the flight took around 1 hour and 40 minutes to reach Tromso.

It was already dark and raining when we arrived. However, snow was everywhere and some of it were much higher that me. Blimey J Imagine that!!

We waited for the taxi outside the airport and unfortunately, the taxi stand had no heater installed in it and there weren’t any doors that’d stop the snow from coming in.

It took about an hour before the taxi arrived and my feet were already freezing. I didn’t prepare myself for the Arctic weather and I had brought my sneakers and my office shoes. Janet lectured me all the way…I know she loves me. Bless her!J

The soles of my sneakers were quite thin and the bitter cold went straight in like there’s no tomorrow and I immediately felt the icy cold snow biting my feet. If we had to wait for more than one hour longer, Janet would probably had to send me off to the hospital and get my feet chopped off or something J

Also, I didn’t bring my gloves with me so I had double lecture from Janet J

It took about 10 minutes for us to reach the hotel. We stayed at Rica Ishavshotel. It’s a nice hotel and it overlooks the bridge and the snowy mountains. I’d definitely recommend this hotel to anyone who plans to visit Tromso.

We had our dinner that night in a posh restaurant. Apparently, it was the oldest restaurant in town. Food was delicious and we had reindeer and deer cuisine. Service was fine and attentive. Absolutely smashing!!

I can’t remember the name of the restaurant but I’ll update you later on.

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