9 Sacred Places In Bangkok, Thailand


I was surprised to see a list of all the 9 Sacred Temples in Thailand that I had to video record it. Here goes:

Well to make it easier here are the list:

1) Wat Phra Kaeo
Motto: Endless Wealth and Prosperity

2) Wat Kanlayanamit
Motto: Bon Voyage

3) Wat Chanasongkram
Conquer All Obstacles

4) Wat Pho
Motto: Have A Secure and Peaceful Life

5) Wat Rakhang
Motto: To Be Admired And Loved

6) Wat Suthat
Enlarge your Visions

7) Wat Arun
Motto: Have A Propserous Life

8 ) City Pillar Shrine
Eliminate Misfortune

9) Chao Phor Seua Shrine
Motto: Enhance Power and Perfection

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