African Zebras, Springbok and Oryx Roaming In The Wild (Part 3)


We were driven deeper into the game reserve and it wasn’t long before we encountered the African zebras. I had always thought deep in the conscious thoughts of my mind that these zebras were bigger creatures similar to the horses but to the dismay of many (well maybe it was just me :) ), the zebras here looked like the size of a dopey donkey except just a touch bigger :)

Anyway, as they say size does not matter :) . In this case, the zebras looked very cool indeed and almost overwhelmingly calming to watch. Our safari guide was doing her usual thing telling us about the wonderful stories on  the behaviour of this amazing God given animals…

Be sure to not come real close to the zebras so you will not be kicked to high heavens :) ..Here’s why..

I also managed to snap this photo of the zebras grazing away with an expansive mountaineous background. I think it’s beautiful.  

To be honest, I have not heard of an animal named SpringBok so when our guide started yapping about SpringBoks,…I was like WHAT!! Apparently, it’s some kind of an antelope which you’ll see in the next video below. It’s a big ugly to my liking :-)

But if you really can’t be asked watching the video the here is the photo of the Springbok..eerrrr at a distance..which means that if you want to see it up close then you have no choice but to watch the video above :)

Springboks In The Wild

Springboks In The Wild

We then went to see the Oryxes and again, I was like what!! Never heard of such a name…. Apparently, it is one of the most beautiful animal in the planet and I think Qatar Airways has adopted the Oryx as the logo on all their planes….so I guess, it must be true and our lovely safari guide wasn’t lying to us all, afterall :)

Honestly, I couldnt care less if they were beautiful or not. For me, they are all beautiful and they are God’s creation and we all must cherish them and care for them for generations to come. It’s sad to see that even the Oryx are slowly diminishing from Planet Earth..

If you don’t know what the Oryx is all about or wondered how they look like, then click play below and watch all the glorious details on the Oryx. They’ve got some nice of horns and ooh yeah, try and spot the one horned Oryx!! In other words, you gotta watch the whole lot to spot it :)

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