Arrival In Johannesburg and Pretoria…


The flight from Cape Town to Johannesburg went really smoothly. We didn’t go through the usual ‘passenger tunnel’ entry. We were taken in the usual airport bus to the South African Airways plane parked a distance away from the airport terminal. I have nothing to say about their service. It’s always good :)

I was brimming with excitement as we landed in the land of Johannesburg. Unfortunately though, my travel plans wasn’t planned. Nothing was booked. No hotel, no taxi, no specific travel plans etc. It’s just pure adventure so we just have to see when I get my bags from the carousel :)

As I was waiting for my bags, I nudged this young South African airport chappy and asked him about Johannesburg etc. I told him that I had no pre-planned travel plans. I also told him that maybe it was a good idea to hire a car and drive all the way to Johannesburg. He then looked at me as though he just saw a ghost or something :)

Anyway, he explained that as a first time Johannesburg tourist, it was not advisable to drive on my own and wander about in the city. I would stand out like a sore thumb and would attract unwanted crime. He also shared some of the crime related stories that happened to tourists.

Now, I’m sure Johannesburg is a safe place like in any other cities in the world and I definitely do not want to give a bias review of this place. Most of my friends truly enjoyed Johannesburg and have asked me on numerous occasions to come. Well, this time it was different. I definitely didn’t want to end up in the wrong place of the city. I’d rather be safe than sorry :)

Immediately after having the short discussion with the young chappy, I called my friend in London seeking for advice. He told me that the last time he was here, he drove a car to Pretoria. Pretoria is a bit safer. There are plenty of embassies around and I thought hmmmm maybe that was a good idea. And so I did..

I went on the internet and booked myself a hotel in Pretoria then walked out of the airport to the hire car centres. I finally got myself a small car. I asked for a Sat Nav but unfortunately, they didnt have it. Darn..

I was a bit lucky that the staff were really friendly and gave me a detailed route map. Let me tell you, I would follow the route given to me almost religiously :) No time to try any scenic tourist routes here :)

It was rather nerve racking to drive in place you’re not used to but I thought, what the heck..It would be a cool adventure :)

The journey to the hotel to Pretoria wasn’t that difficult afterall. The roads had clear signs everywhere so it was easy.

It was already dark when I got to the hotel and I decided to have dinner at the hotel’s restaurant. I then went back to the room and slept.

What a day!

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