Ayutthaya Old City Ruins, Thailand


Ayutthaya was an amazing experience. It was different and unique. I had never been to an old city ruins before so this was indeed a fabulous visit.

I did the wander about of the whole place and went inside one of the old buildings. I didnt spend too much time in it though because it stank like mad. I was probably in there for less than 5 seconds. It was too acrid. A bit overpowering to be honest :-) (Its in that little small entry that you see on the first pic below)

Here are some of the pictures that I took during my walk…

Ayutthaya Old City Ruins

Ayutthaya Old City

Ayutthaya Old City

Ayutthaya Old City

and here is moi with the old city ruins in the background :)

Moi In Ayutthaya

You can hear a bit of the Ayutthaya history from our tour guide in the video below. I didn’t record it all but hopely it will give you a brief idea… :)

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