Back at The Sun City Casino…


It didn’t take me that long to walk back to the casino and before I headed to the slot machines, I decided to have another tour of the place and have a quick wander.

The place had everything you could possibly want. Fancy restaurants, retail shopping and even a bunch of cinemas. It was here at the cinema that I took this next video showing the interior decor of the casino.

and here are the pictures:

The Decor of Sun City Casino

and another…

More Sun City Casino

I then went to do my thing at the slot machines. I almost lost everything not too long after that :) . I didn’t mind. I was expecting it anyhow….

I went to the cashier and cashed back whatever balance of money I had on the card. Took the cash and dashed straight to the car for the drive back to Pretoria.

It wasn’t that hard getting back into Pretoria. It took me about 3 hours or so. I might do this again. It was pretty cool :)

I was already in complete state of knackeredness when I arrived in Pretoria. Had to go sleep and skip dinner. Next destination tomorrow — Singapore

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