Bad News In Singapore.


It was quite early in the morning on the 23rd February when I realised that there was a voicemail message left for me while I was asleep. I dialed in to listen in and found out that someone was desperately wanted to speak to me urgently.

I thought that was a bit weird. Why would he want to speak to me so urgently when everyone I know knew I was travelling.

So I dialled the number. I got through and it was a friend of mine, Al, whom I’ve not met for a while in London. He broke the news that made me shiver. He talked about my best friend, Iveta Iravanian. She’s now dead!

I said WHAT! It was only less than 48 hours ago that we chatted on MSN and we even talked about her and husband flying down to the Far East for a quick holiday. She even said that she missed me and couldn’t wait to see me again.

I wanted to fly back to London immediately but I knew that I had several events that was arranged for me to speak at. The situation was made worst when I heard about how she died. I just couldn’t imagine it!.

A coach hit her and dragged her underneath for several meters while she was crossing a road in Victoria. I sat on the hotel bed, shocked and speechless.

I then called Iveta’s husband but every word he said was incomprehensible. I had to tell him to calm down. I was still in denial. It was just too much too think that your best friend passed away when you’ve only spoken to her a couple of days ago.

The news about the accident was televised on BBC and other news channels. I looked at the news on the internet and I couldn’t devour the content. I had to stop halfway through.

The video below was recorded and televised by the BBC to explain how it all happened.

It took me a while to really grasp the situation. I packed my bags and checked out. The concierge took my bags and I left for
a meeting at the other end of Singapore. After 2 hours or so, I came back to the hotel and grabbed my bags, called the cab to Changi International Airport for my next flight to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

I wasn’t in the mood to do anything. All I could think about was her.

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