I woke up to a bright new day in Berlin. I went straight to the hotel reception and got myself a Berlin map with loads of tourist attractions on it, then went straight for breakfast. Divine….

30 minutes later, I was well prepared to start on my Berlin adventure. I walked out from the hotel and Voila…it was the main shopping street! There were Gucci, Prada, Salvatore Ferragamo and all sorts and probably because of that simple reason, my face was smiling from ear to ear. A good kick start for the morning. No need for a latte for me…Hehehehehe

The high street was nice and I resisted my temptations not to buy any more stuff I didn’t need and I walked straight out from it towards the park. Danger..danger… (if you know what I mean) Anyway, here’s some of the pictures I took on my way there.

Berlin on the High Street At The Roundabout

I continued my stroll towards the park via the zoo. I didn’t see the point of going to the zoo so I gave it a miss. The park was gorgeous.

Here’s my video intro of Berlin.

More pictures below:

Berlin 1 War Tank

I found this beautiful building in Berlin while I was on my way to the Haupbahnhof train station to buy my Prague train ticket. I asked one of the German tourists here and they told me that it was Reichstags (Parliament Building). The dome at the top was designed by Norman Foster, the world renowned British architect guy who designed the Gherkin building in London. Also, he’s the guy who designed one of the flats that I am planning to buy in Kuala Lumpur. I will report later when I am there in a couple of weeks.

Click below to see the video of Reichstags and its dome.

Me @ Reichstags

Can someone translate this for me?

Can someone help?

I reached the infamous Brandenburger Tor. Berlin Wall was erected next to this place and during the war, people who was found walking close to it was shot. I cheekily went to one of the tour guide who was speaking in English for one of the tourists group and listened intently about the history. I must tell you it wasn’t pleasant. It was way too morbid for my liking. I scanned around and left. I just didn’t feel comfortable staying there for long.

Brandenburger Tor

Just around the corner I saw this rather interesting looking memorial place. It’s next to British Embassy. Apparently, it’s a memorial for children who died during the war. Creepy.


Below are more pictures taken in the historical area of Berlin. I am sorry that I didn’t include the names of these buildings. I simply didn’t make any notes of it but those who’ve been here and knows it, can you please let me know in the comments section. I’ve included pictures of the Berlin tower as well.

Berlin 2 Berlin 3 Berlin 4 Tower Berlin…

I got lost for about 2 hours in the road maze of Berlin before I reached the place that I had been looking for – The Berlin Wall. Although I knew I could’ve easily taken the cab but I resisted against the idea.

Here are more Berlin Wall videos and pictures.

Berlin Wall

Just around the corner of Berlin Wall is a place called the Checkpoint Charlie. It was the border between the American and Communist sections.

Checkpoint Charlie 1 Checkpoint Charlie 2 Checkpoint Charlie 3
I didn’t realise that the Czezk tourism office was just across the road from Checkpoint Charlie and I conveniently went in and planned my next trip to Prague. I got my maps and other tourist info and walked back to the hotel.

I reached the hotel at around 7PM and I was seriously knackered. 7 hours of continuous walking could seriously affect your stamina. Hence, the bed. No dinner. Too tired :)

PS: I did wake up feeling hungry at around 11PM. Went to McDonalds and grabbed myself some food then went to bed again :)

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