Buddha Monk At Wat Traimit Temple Doing His Thing..


This post may be slightly pointless but I had to include it on this blog purely because I had never seen a Buddha monk doing their thing in a temple before, especially with this one here at Wat Traimit Temple.

The monk wasn’t ‘working’ inside the temple (which I belief that most Monks do…) but he was busy working in a small shed like a guard house just outside the temple. There were loads of little tiny Buddhas around him and I didn’t dare ask him why it was the case. I hope that if you’re a Buddhist or from Thailand and understood why the monk did what he did then I’d love to hear from you and hoping that you could share some light to the whole Buddhist cultural norms….

I then walked a distance away from the monk and recorded this video, so he wouldn’t see me zooming in on him. Hehehehe

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