Cape Point Is So Amazingly Beautiful! (Part 7)


We ended our tour at the Cape of Good Hope and we headed straight to our next destination that was Cape Point.

It wasn’t that far from Cape of Good Hope so it took us less than 15 minutes to get there.

Most interestingly, we were warned by our tour guide that we needed to be careful with the wild baboons of Cape Point because they run and snatch food off you like a well trained pick pocket :-)

I mean honestly, these baboons are huge and they’re so clever. I’ll explain in a minute…

But before that, let me show you this video because everything that was explained by the tour guide came true after all.. I mean look at this baboon sitting at the top of a van while he scratches his bum and having a vantage view looking for his next human victim. Looked very devious to me :-)

I mean imagine if you’re the owner of the van and as you walk to your vehicle, you see a big baboon happily perched up on van… What would you do? Would you call the local ranger? Hahahahaha

<script src=";affiliateId:117572" type="text/javascript"></script>

I had decided to be extremely cautious on these baboons because they can come up to you like from absolutely nowhere. They just know where to hide before the ‘attack’….

Anyway, Zoey and I were already famished and we decided to buy some food at the shop before we do any touristy things. We couldn’t go to the restaurant and have proper food as we only had limited time left to our day tour. We bought our sandwiches, paid for it and left the shop…..

At this point, they were a group of baboons who had already snatching food off the tourists and I immediately backed away and hid at the shop :-) . The local security came over and shooed the baboons away.

Once the coast was clear, I ate my food as quickly as I could and bought our cable car ticket to the viewing point of Cape Point.

Here is the video for you of the ascending journey on the cable car. You gotta watch it because it’s just so beautiful…

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The first thing I saw was this gorgeous view. You can see the beach in the far horizon, the steep cliffs and the slight curvature of planet Earth…

Cape Point View

and yes the baboons were there too. Of course, they couldn’t be left behind :)

Cape Point Baboon

Now, if you’re from London and you wonder how far it is exactly between Cape Point and London, then do allow me to show you the exact distance in kilometres. Here you go…

Distance to London from Cape Point

It is 9623 km exactly :)

Well, some of you may say, yeah big deal, Ambar. Ok ok, I understand but I’m sure you’ll love these pictures that I am about to show you (taken at by the viewing tower at Cape Point)..

This specific one below is my personal favourite. I think it calms the mind. Hahaha

Cape Point View

and another one..

Cape Point View 2

and finally, here is a picture of me with the tower behind me. (I was told it was used as a lighthouse yonks ago but not sure if it is still in use now).

Ambar and the Light House at Cape Point

We decided to walk down the steep steps down the hill rather than taking the cable car because we taught it would be a scenic one.

Indeed it was but I had problems with height and my knees got really weak instantly the minute when I started looking down..I’m like OMG…

Anyway, I did make it and I know I’m over exagerrating here but it was well worth the try. Highly recommended.

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