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художници на икониI had the fortunate chance to be driven up on the hills of Genoa in the evening of Boxing day to see the night time sights of Genoa (Genova) in Italy. It’s really beautiful.

Watch the quick video here:


City View

Genoa City

Port View

Genoa City - The Port

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I did see this ride whilst on the ski lift going up to the ski area but I didnt expect it to be open to the public. I mean, Cmon…Why would they let anyone to get on it at winter time! No roller coaster would be open in any winter conditions in any theme park. It’s too dangerous! (Well at least to my knowledge :) )

Despite all that, I was pleasantly surprised when I realised that this Alpyland in Mottarone, Italy was open today. Happy days!

This ride is totally unique. It uses gravity and it takes you to the creepiest edge of the mountain.. (A bit like tobogganning but 1000 times better!! )..and safer..despite it being the ultimate scary ride (I mean, if you’re afraid of heights that is :) ) Sorry for being dramatic here.

Just watch the video below. You’ll get what I mean. Enjoy! :)

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Back Again For Frankfurt, Germany

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Today was the 15th February and also the last day for me with the family in Italy. Of course, it wasn’t exactly happy moments saying goodbyes – which I am still not good at. However, I immediately felt rather cheery from the visions of wonderful world adventure to come :) . More of a forceful vision than anything else :)

Anyway, my flight out of Genoa (Genova) was quite early in the morning. It was something like around 6 AM or something. Hate waking up early in the morning. Darn.

Checking in was a smooth process but the plane wasn’t. I’m sure it was safe but it was the same twin turbo propeller plane run by Lufthansa. The flight to Munich was fine but I wasn’t happy getting the seat next to the fan thingy particularly when we were flying above the Alps :(

Anyway, arrived at Munich airport safely. I have been to Munich before so I have no intentions of visiting the place. If you are coming to Munich with a good budget then stay at the Vier Jahreszeiten Kempinski Hotel on Maximilianstraße. Its like being on Sloane Street in London. You’re surrounded by posh boutique shops the likes of Bulgari, Armani, Prada etc – all situated at a comfortable distance as you walk outside the hotel :) . The hotel itself was smashing. We stayed there for a couple days and it was one of the best.

It wasn’t a very long wait for my connecting flight to Frankfurt. It was bang on time at 9.35 AM. The flight took about 1 hour or so.

The issue with this Frankfurt bit was the fact that my connecting flight to Cape Town, South Africa was at 5PM so I had 7 hours to kill. I decided that I should pay Frankfurt City a quick visit :)

The train journey from the airport to Frankfurt wasn’t that too far. It was only just a few stops away on the tube.

Here are the pictures

The views from the main train station was smashing. In fact the train station itself was a view on its own.
As usual, here is my video introduction.

It was easy to walk around Frankfurt. The roads are clearly signposted and its not winding like the ones in Prague. Just remember to bring your tourist map with you in case of emergency :)

More video from me.

and more views from the embankment overlooking the river.

There are 2 versions of Frankfurt. One is the new and the other is the old. The new and old seems not far apart from each other. Each has its own unique character with plenty of surprises :)

You can take the tube to travel around Frankfurt but I decided against that. It’s best to discover Frankfurt offerings :) by walking plus you get 360 views anyway….

There was this particular bridge that stole my attention. It is made of iron and looked quite commanding. I walked close to it and I saw an iron placard attached to the bridge wall. Basically, it explained about the history of Frankfurter sausages which for obvious reasons, came from Frankfurt. How unexpected and strange :)

I walked the few steps towards the bridge (commonly known as Eiserner Steg) and this was what I saw :)

The old town of Frankfurt (widely known as Römer) is practically opposite the bridge. Some of the buildings and the cathedral were a real gem (I mean in the antiquey sort of way :) )

I took quite a number of pictures along the way. All embedded in the box below.

I walked past the Frankfurt Stock Exchange while I was on my way back to the train station, . Its a nice building but a bit small to my liking. Maybe, its bigger than the outside but who knows. They never let people like me entering such buildings. :) Anyway, there was the Bull and Bear statue thingy just outside the building. And yes, I did take a picture of it :)

Bull and Bear at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange

And finally, before I got back to the train station, I walked past the beautiful Frankfurt Opera House (Alte Oper) and sat at a park bench right opposite it. The day was so clear and beautiful that I sat there for more than 10 minutes enjoying the weather and view. Picture below:

Frankfurt Opera House

The journey back to the airport went really smoothly. I rechecked in for my flight to South Africa – Cape Town. Flew to Cape Town via South African Airways. Not bad.

My next blog: Cape Town, South Africa. Are you ready :)

Looking for a Hotel -

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On my way to Florence, Italy

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Today is my 4th day in Italy and this morning I’d be off to beautiful Florence. Unfortunately, I won’t be touring yet again. In fact, this venture would be much better! It’s shopping spree time. :)

I don’t know if I did tell you that my sister is very much involved in the exclusive branded fashion goods business. You can find out more about her business activities on her website – (Just a free plug for her :) )

In a nutshell, she sells bulk genuine branded goods like Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Valentino, Diesel etc directly to licensed merchants. It’s good for me because I don’t have to pay retail price for the designer I love. Good eh :)

As usual here is a brief video of Florence at night with my sister in it. Hahaha I know she’d kill me for it.

I’m sorry that I didn’t have any videos or pictures during the day to share with you. We were too busy shopping :)

If you did watch the video above, then you’d know that I was having so much fun that I completely lost track of time..:)

Later, we went to a posh Italian restaurant and drove back to Genoa with a smile on my face.

We make getting there easier than getting down

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Family Time In Genoa, Italy

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Today is my 2nd day in Genoa. I will be here till the 15th February 2007. Unfortunately, I won’t be touring the place as it’d sound silly. This place is practically home to me.

Genoa is a wonderful place. It has been acclaimed that Christopher Columbus was born here. In fact, you could go to the remains of his home close to the city centre.

You’ll be glad to know that Genoa sits just 2 hours away to Milan and Monte Carlo / Nice. Hence, the wide smiles on my face everytime when I’m here ..errr apart from my family that is :)

I dont usually post personal videos here but I suppose this could be a one off :) . So here goes…

I know Im mad but I hope I am not as mad as Russell Brand. Hahahahahahaaha

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Today – Friday 9th February 2007 was my last day here in Prague. I was seriously unhappy leaving this place. I’ve met some seriously beautiful people :) and had so much fun…

I promised myself that I will be back this summer. So watch this space and my friends in Prague heheheheehe

Anyway, the cab man was unusually friendly. His English was bad but it was enough for me to understand some of his points. He was quite engrossed talking about Prague past and his passionate views on America. For political reasons, I am not going to share it here :)

It took me about 30 minutes to get to the airport. I checked in for Munich departing at 1310. I was still in my upset mood leaving Prague so I called up my Prague friends to cheer me up… :) Don’t ask..they made me happy.

My best friend back in London, Iveta has been yapping on Messenger about going to Budapest and the importance about me going there. It’s her homeland. So dont blame her.

Honestly, I really hand on heart wanted to go to Budapest but I was having too much fun in Prague. My restricted time was also a contributing factor so it was really a difficult decision.

I’m sure she’d get upset knowing that I didn’t go. But I am sure she’d get over it quite soon.

The plane we had to get on was one of those small propeller/fan plane. I was scared senseless. I’ve never flown Fokker style. I wasn’t sure if I could make it. Worst still, they put my window seat next to that flipping propeller fan. Darn… What if..What If….

The Plane..

Small Lufthansa Plane to Munich


My horrid window view

You’ll see my growing FEAR here…

Now imagine this NEXT TO YOU…Feel my FEAR :)

I was glad to reach Munich safely. But, I was only here on transit. I had decided much earlier in London that I wasn’t going to tour around Munich as I’d been here with a very close friend before . Hence, the transit.

I should have told you earlier that my next trip from Prague was to Genoa, Italy.

Reason: Family.

So, no touring around here. Well, apart from shopping that is. I have been to Italy zillions of times so it’s home to me.

Anyway, the plane I was on from Munich to Genoa was very much the same to the one I was on earlier. Difference: Just bigger.

My numerous flights to Genoa all these years have taught me this:

Shaky and turbulent flight/landing.

So, flying on a propeller plane to Genoa alarmed me big time. If a Boeing aircraft could be ‘unstable’ whilst landing, imagine what it could do to a propeller aircraft……

Huah Huah I wanna cry…… :)

Trust me, the 2 odd hour flight was one of the most discomforting experience I ever had and sitting next to the ‘fans’ weren’t funny anymore. :(

I was soooooooo glad I’d finally reached Genoa safe and sound.

As usual, my sister and brother in law picked me up at the airport….

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