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вик услугиOK… The commotion that Madonna had inflicted at her MDNA concert in Paris with the swastika image and boob flashing was enough for me to decide that I had to come to Madonna concert in London. The French press went crazy and I heard that someone at the TOP is suing her for the ‘Swastika’ show. Naturally, she wanted people to talk about her with her usual antiques!!..and it worked. I booked my concert tickets!! :)

I arrived in Hyde Park at around 5PM and the whole place was beginning to heave with her fans. Not sure how many people could fit in here but I reckon it was around 50,000 to 60,000. I could be wrong so you might have to do your own due diligence on that one! :)

Before it all started…

Martin Solveig came on shortly and he played a number of his famous tunes. After about an hour, LMFAO came on. I’ve never seen them live and I thought there were fun!! A bit mad but fun!! Love all the songs! :)

Finally, Madonna came on stage just after 8.30PM and she started it with the same way that she did in France and Tel Aviv. I think something to do with Gregorian chants and bells ringing. Not sure exactly what it was but it made everyone scream her name!

The stage and the special effects were awesome. She danced and sang some of my all time favourite Madonna songs. You couldn’t help but to sing along as well! :) I didn’t keep track of all the songs she sang in London but these are the song list that I could remember…

  • Girls Gone Wild
  • Turn Up The Radio
  • Like A Sinner
  • Express Yourself
  • Gang Bang
  • Vogue
  • Erotica
  • Like A Virgin
  • Like A Prayer

Her special rendition of Like A Virgin was really cool. She made it sound like smooth and slow medley. I really liked that.

It did rain a little but that didn’t stop anyone from having a good time. Madonna did ask everyone to pray a little ‘English Prayer’ so the rain would stop. worked!! :P


Did I enjoy it?


Would I come back?


..but don’t really take my word on it. I’m biased. I am her fan after all!! :)

I hope you’ll get the chance to see Madonna in MDNA World Tour soon.

Take care,


PS: No boob flashing in London. She behaved herself this time! :)

PPS: Her son did come on stage and danced for a wee while with Mommy. I thought that was sweet.


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I was walking towards Selfridges today when I stumbled upon a group of people who were dumping rubbish stuffed in bin bags into a smaller wooden model of Marble Arch in the heart of Marble Arch and I had to ask myself, “Why?”. I just don’t get it. Why would anybody wants to appreciate rubbish!! This is just beyond logic.

Watch the video below and you be the judge! Do you see Art or a massive Bin in Marble Arch? Let me know.. :-)

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I have decided that 2010 will be a new year where I will make the best effort to stay super healthy and what’s better way than to start it all off early before the New Year and run in the early morning in Regents Park!! :)

I have always wanted to run in the park but laziness always superceded my good intentions but fret no further, it won’t easily happen again. I mean why should I? I get to see great views like these…

A frozen Rose Garden..

Rose Garden In Regents Park All Frozen

Frozen Lake..

Frozen Lake In Regents Park

столовеFrozen Lake In Regents Park During Sunrise

The Birds..

Birds Of Regents Park In Winter

The birds nests..

Birds Nests Seen During Sunrise

The snow…

Wintry Cold Sunrise In Regents Park

and the sunrise with the BT Tower in sight..

Sunrise In Regents Park

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I had great fun today at the German themed Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. I called up my good friend Brian Ollivierre (who’s a great photographer btw) to bring his camera and snap some piccies. I didn’t think that my normal camera would produce great pictures at night. They usually end up being so blur and you can’t seem to capture what you really wanted to focus anyway.

The fun fair was amazing. There were everything that you could possibly want from a winter wonderland. From mulled wine, to chocolate covered apples, to rollercoasters, ghost house, slot machines, fun crazy rides, a circus and the whole shebang..

Here are some of the selected pictures that was taken by Brian.

The Pirate…

The Pirate

The Toy Soldier..

The Toy Soldier

The Little Circus..

The Little Circus

The Big Wheel..

The Big Whee;

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