Cute African Penguins at Simon’s Town, South Africa (Part 8)


Simon’s Town is a nice scenic fishing village and people get to swim in this part of South Africa.


Well, because the sea here is warmer compared to the sea on the other side of the country so when you do get here, you’ll see a ton of people having jolly good time swimming in the sea.

But as for me, even if you paid me any money, I wouldn’t even dare to swim in these seas. I mean think about it, they’ve got that ‘shark nets’ that’s clearly visible from the horizon of the beach. This is so that our friend, Mr JAWS can’t get through…

Eeeeuwww the thought of shark nets are enough to make me quiver and you can call me all you want but I ain’t swimming here.. LOL

Also, our tour guide told us a true sad story about Simon’s Town where there was this old lady who was swimming by the beach and suddenly she was dragged to the deeper seas of the ocean and eaten by the Great White shark. Her body was never found. This apparently happened just a couple of years ago and I feel very sorry for her family. I couldn’t imagine what they had to go through :(

But if you’re still looking for more horrid shark tales you can hear from the locals here. All you need to do is ask….

Look, I’m sure it is safe to swim here but I aint taking any chances. Admiring the gorgeous views were fine by me :)

OK ok enough of this morbid story, let’s continue with the the rest of my Cape tour.

To cut the story short, we reached the African penguins viewing area here at Simon’s Town. The tickets for this trip was optional so we had to pay for it ourselves. I didn’t bother. It was cheap anyway. Most importantly, I get to see cutesey mutesey penguins waddling about. I mean who can so no to that eh..

This place reminded me of Phillips Island, in Melbourne, Australia but it is a bit smaller. Phillips Island is unbeatable because you get to see thousands of little penguins coming from sea and rushing away to their burrows to feed their even tinier little babies. Seriously, they were loads of them.

The Simon’s Towns African penguins are slightly bigger but they are still cute. Watch the video below and witness them yourself…

I think the pictures look cute too particularly this one below…he looked as if he’s marching away for a royal gala with his webbed feet. LOL

Penguin Walking…

It was a hot day and I wonder how these cute penguins could survive the heat. To my knowledge, they only like cold climate. Weird. For your record, it was something like 30 odd degrees. Not sure in Fahrenheit though. I haven’t been taught with that measurement. Sorry :-)

Here’s another penguin picture.

African Penguins

This next video is cute too. You’ll get to see the penguins swimming towards the beach and then waddles their way to the colony. Hehehe.. they’re so adorable.

Oh yeah, you also see the seagull flying above the penguins and you could see his shadow on the ground looking like a hawk that’s about to snatch the penguin away…. ooohh banish the thought…not good..

Anyway, here’s the video..

???????? ????? ????????

This is the picture of the African penguin colony…

African Penguin Colony

..and this picture was taken while the penguins were lazily sun tanning themselves on one of those big rocks… How nice..

African Penguins Under The Sun

That was it. It was truly an amazing experience. It made my day :-)

Our next trip is to the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens….

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Great post, I look forward to reading more.

I've been to Phillips Island twice and it always fascinates me. And the penguins are so darn cute all the time. Also, what a great adventure you have in Africa. Is everything cheap there? How's the food? And other popular tourist destinations?