Final Day In Prague and More Countries To Go…


Today – Friday 9th February 2007 was my last day here in Prague. I was seriously unhappy leaving this place. I’ve met some seriously beautiful people :) and had so much fun…

I promised myself that I will be back this summer. So watch this space and my friends in Prague heheheheehe

Anyway, the cab man was unusually friendly. His English was bad but it was enough for me to understand some of his points. He was quite engrossed talking about Prague past and his passionate views on America. For political reasons, I am not going to share it here :)

It took me about 30 minutes to get to the airport. I checked in for Munich departing at 1310. I was still in my upset mood leaving Prague so I called up my Prague friends to cheer me up… :) Don’t ask..they made me happy.

My best friend back in London, Iveta has been yapping on Messenger about going to Budapest and the importance about me going there. It’s her homeland. So dont blame her.

Honestly, I really hand on heart wanted to go to Budapest but I was having too much fun in Prague. My restricted time was also a contributing factor so it was really a difficult decision.

I’m sure she’d get upset knowing that I didn’t go. But I am sure she’d get over it quite soon.

The plane we had to get on was one of those small propeller/fan plane. I was scared senseless. I’ve never flown Fokker style. I wasn’t sure if I could make it. Worst still, they put my window seat next to that flipping propeller fan. Darn… What if..What If….

The Plane..

Small Lufthansa Plane to Munich


My horrid window view

You’ll see my growing FEAR here…

Now imagine this NEXT TO YOU…Feel my FEAR :)

I was glad to reach Munich safely. But, I was only here on transit. I had decided much earlier in London that I wasn’t going to tour around Munich as I’d been here with a very close friend before . Hence, the transit.

I should have told you earlier that my next trip from Prague was to Genoa, Italy.

Reason: Family.

So, no touring around here. Well, apart from shopping that is. I have been to Italy zillions of times so it’s home to me.

Anyway, the plane I was on from Munich to Genoa was very much the same to the one I was on earlier. Difference: Just bigger.

My numerous flights to Genoa all these years have taught me this:

Shaky and turbulent flight/landing.

So, flying on a propeller plane to Genoa alarmed me big time. If a Boeing aircraft could be ‘unstable’ whilst landing, imagine what it could do to a propeller aircraft……

Huah Huah I wanna cry…… :)

Trust me, the 2 odd hour flight was one of the most discomforting experience I ever had and sitting next to the ‘fans’ weren’t funny anymore. :(

I was soooooooo glad I’d finally reached Genoa safe and sound.

As usual, my sister and brother in law picked me up at the airport….

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I loved the Czech Republic, especially Prague. Did you visit the Kostnice Sedlec chapel? It is amazing, the ossuary apparantly contains around 70,000 human skeletons!!! They have been artistically arranged to form furnishings and decorations for the chapel.