Goodbye Berlin and Hello Prague :)


I woke up bright and early at 8 AM :) . I got myself ready and went straight for breakfast. I decided not to do any touristy stuff today as I believed that I have seen most of Berlin anyway.

I did most of my work that was way overdue in the morning and I checked out at 12.30PM. I got the cab to the train station. The train fare was very reasonable. 1st class 1 way ticket cost just 80 odd Euro.

The train station in Berlin was very impressive. It looks more like an airport than a train station with many levels. Kings Cross is definitely nothing compared to this one. Hahahahahaha.

Berlin Train Station

My train was due to arrive at 2.30 PM so I had plenty of time to kill. I had a quick stroll around the shopping area and got myself fish and chips for lunch.

The train arrived about 10 minutes late but I wasn’t fussed. Views en-route to Prague was okay. I didn’t see much as it was getting dark anyway. However, I did see loads of ‘Wind Farms’ along the way.

The journey took 4 hours. It was quite an effort to take my baggage out of the train as most of it was oversized :) . Anyway, I went to straight to the money exchange counter and got my Chezk money.

Unfortunately, I was duped by the taxi man. He charged me a fortune for just a 3 minutes cab ride to the hotel. A bit of warning to anyone out there who may be planning to come for a visit – Be Wary With Taxi Drivers In Prague! Some of them can be quiet dodgy.

The hotel I stayed in was great. It’s called Eurostars Thalia. It’s a five star hotel that is close to the main square and located just opposite the National Theater. The room was fab. Extra large bed with ‘Kelly Hoppenish’ design. That was enough to make me happy after the taxi incident :)

As usual, I was already knackered. I went to have dinner and immediately came back to the hotel and slept.

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Nowadays trains reach on time , They are superfast in carrying passengers from one source to another destination.