Hey, It’s SAFARI Day!


This morning I woke up to a new special day. A day I know would stick like glue in my travel history book :) . Yes, today was the day that I would venture out for the first time and go to a real safari. No more National Geographic Channel. No more Discovery Channel. No more flipping TV documentaries. This time it was for flippin’ real :)

I waited for the tour man to arrive at the hotel lobby. It wasn’t a long wait before he finally arrived looking for me. We introduced each other and to my pleasant surprise, he’s actually a Brit! The guy works in South Africa as a tour guide every summer and he loves every minute of it. Man, I don’t blame him. This place is paradise…

He led me to the tour bus parked just outside. I jumped in and found out that there were already plenty of people inside :) . I introduced myself to everyone and I found out that the majority of my tour mates were British and the rest was this lovely family from Norway. Now for your information, the bus was not like a big humungous coach but more like a van, so we were sitting in the van just like one of those typical  close knit family. Hehehehehe..

The journey to the safari park was indeed a scenic one. We passed through the expansive wine region via the uphill hilly windy roads. Seriously, it was really breathtaking and amazingly gorgeous. The only thing that bugged me was the road!

It was so narrow and to top it off, we were driven next to this cliff…with a big sheer vertical drop all the way to bottom. And I was sitting on the left side of the van with full view of the drop. I mean you can imagine if you’re sufferring from excessive vertigo like me, you’d probably experience an instant heart pounding experience with your mind running wild imagining horrid things :) ….

Now as I am an NLP enthusiast, I had managed to calm myself a little although I must admit I did wanted to pee in my pants…hahahaha no I’m only joking :)

Below is a short video of the wine region of Cape Town. I think it’s quite close to Klein Karoo (Wherever that is :) )

The scenery changed from leafy trees to a more barren land after about 1 and half hours into the journey. It was quite strange to see the landscape changed dramatically as we were travelling to the game reserve. The weather was heating up and you could not see many trees around. Completely dry and empty.

You’ll see what I mean when you watch this next video…

It took us an approximately 2 hours and half to reach the game reserve. This place is huge and it is all gated. Interesting… :-)

Anyway, I’ll update the rest of my travel journal in the next post. :)

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