Hout Bay View and Wild Seals at The Seal Island (Part 2)


We arrived at Hout Bay in a gorgeous sunny weather. There was a slight breeze in the air and it was amazingly refreshing.
The tour van was parked very close to the pier and as we got out, we could see people peddling local souvenirs and wares.

It was interesting but I didn’t buy anything. My bag was way to overloaded with my overwhelming ‘crap’ :)

Anyway, we bought our tickets to Seal Island to see wild seals in their natural habitat. It was ‘optional’ in our tour today so we had to pay ourselves for the boat ride. Don’t worry, it was cheap…

We didn’t have to wait for very long. I think it was less than 10 minutes or so when the next boat finally arrived to take the next tourists on board their not so ‘posh’ boat. Hahaha

The sea was a bit choppy and it made the the journey slighty bumpy. I didn’t mind because it made the journey more interesting. It reminded me of the ‘kiddie rollercoaster’ ride that I was on with my other adult friend while we were at Alton Towers… and yes before you start asking me a ton of questions – yes, it was indeed a kiddie rollercoaster and we were the only adults on it. Muhahahaha

..and again, before you ask – “What is Alton Towers?” .. It is a big theme park in the Midlands, England.

It’s far more exciting than Disneyland Paris and I go to Alton Towers almost once every year particularly during the heat of summer.

Here is the video of the trip on the boat starting off with an introduction from Zoey and I,

<script src=";affiliateId:117572" type="text/javascript"></script>

followed by excited screams like little girls. :)

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I think because the sea was so choppy the rescue boat escorted us along the way. I’m sure someone must have been taken overboard by accident due to the sea condition. Otherwise, why would they be there in the first place eh? Hmm maybe we’ve got a celebrity on board. Hehehehe

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When we reached Seal island, there were literally thousands of seals basking happily under the warm sunny heat. They were so cute.

I had managed to snap some good video footage of those seals swimming around in the open seas.

Trust me, you’ll love it :) and that comes with a money back guarantee..Hahahahaha

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