How To Travel From Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport To Bangkok City


иконописикониonline poker newsканализацияOK I’m back again in Bangkok! Don’t ask!! :P

So here is my short video on Bangkok. Just giving you my tips on how to get to Bangkok from the airport. Hope you’ll find it helpful! :)

Quick note: You can also take the train from the airport to Bangkok. The fare is really cheap but I wouldn’t recommend it if you don’t know your way around Bangkok especially when you have luggage with you. Traffic in Bangkok is crazy so best if you take the taxi to your hotel. Just saying. :)



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Facebook comments:

I am going to visit bangkok next month for business purpose surely will visit this place using this information.

I never got chance to visit in Bangkok but whenever i will get chance that time i will definitely follow this information.

When I was in Bangkok, I took the bus that you mentioned. The video really explained the options and their locations well. It is always a little confusing being at a new airport in a new country :)