I’m Finally Here In Cape Town, South Africa :-)


The flight from Frankfurt to Cape Town was nothing to worry about. The journey went real smooth all the way.

However, we did encounter mild turbulence during the flight but hey I am not the one whos complaining – you’d expect that anyway. One thing for sure though, – it was definitely far better than flying in with that twin turbo prop plane I was on while en route to Frankfurt.

Big Relief!!

Ok now, before you say. ‘Ambar is a chicken – He’s got issues’.

Hahahaha, well you may have a point there but firstly, allow me defend myself :)

I have no issues with any planes. I’ve flown tens of thousand of miles each and every year with no problem. However, I just do not like the idea of a ‘FAN’ flying a big object. Even for a very short distance. I am pretty sure that it’s safe but its just that weird feeling I have in the gut that makes me feel quesy :0

Ok, I know I am just being a bit dramatic there but you’ve got to admit, this blog would be so boring without me being dramatic. Drama is my second name…. LOL.

Anyway, I sat next to a nice German lady on the flight and I told her about the story of my travels to date. She was hooked. She couldn’t believe that I’ve travelled the far north of the world and now that I was on my way to the southern part of the world. Bless her Hehehehe

I gave her my travel blog address anyway. I hope she’s reading this now :)

She did also tell me about the beauty of Cape Town. Her story was so graphic that I was in awe. She bought a house in Cape Town recently with her husband. It’s like a holiday home for them and they fly to South Africa every chance they get.

That made me think, ‘Gosh, is this all true?’. It sounded too unreal to me.

I slept a few hours later and I kept the excitement to myself.

About 10 hours and a few minutes later, the plane landed at the Cape Town International Airport.

As I exited the airport, I was greeted by this friendly chap who asked me if I needed any transport to the hotel. I said yes. He then showed me to his taxi counter where I bought my taxi ticket.

To my surprise, the guy is a Malay. For your information, I am a Malay myself and both of my parents are from Malaysia. This got me excited. He’s a Malay Cape Town. Born and bred. I’ve never met a Malay from South Africa. He did try to speak Malay to me but it had a weird accent to it. I guess its a mixture with Afrikaans accent. Hahahahaha. It didn’t matter to me anyway cause I thought it was rather cool to meet another Malay who are not originally from Malaysia/Singapore :)

The view as you leave the departure area of the airport was breathtaking. I wasn’t sure if it was part of the Blue Mountain but you can see quite clearly how beautiful it was. This got me excited :)

Weather was just nice. Very Mediteranean. Sunny with a slight breeze.

The journey to Cape Town did not take that long and we passed by an alarming number of shoddy homes in the slums. I felt really sorry for the people living in there. Apparently, the gap between the rich and the poor are quite significant in South Africa. Hence, the significant number of crimes going on in the country.

That didn’t matter to me as after a 15 minutes or so, I saw the Blue Mountains and the shoreline of the beach. Yippeee. Its goooorrrrrggeeeeeoooussss!

I stayed at this hotel called the Ritz. Sound posh doesnt it but it is not a posh ritzy hotel. It sits by the foot of Blue Mountain and has a rotating restaurant at the top which made me decide to stay here.

Room was okay and as usual I laid in bed and immediately went to sleep.

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