I’m Off To Fly To Bangkok Now..


All the work and the seminars I had to do in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for the last few weeks had taken its toll. Now, I have to treat myself with more exotic travels in the Far East and what better way to do it than going to the infamous Bangkok :-)

I got my tickets sorted with Thai Airways and decided to fly out on the 21st March. This would be my very first time in Bangkok though I had been to Southern Thailand – Phuket like many yonks ago. Way before the unfortunate tsunami that happened there.

The flight out from Kuala Lumpur International Airport on Thai Airways went really smoothly. To my surprise, the plane did not have any sufficient inflight entertainment systems. They were using that old big manky projector that they put at the front. I was not impressed. The service however was good. But with no personal TV makes flying extra boring.

I shouldn’t be moaning anyway as the flight only took less than 2 hours to get to Bangkok. The weather was fab upon landing. Hot and sunny.

I walked out the plane and into the new Bangkok Airport. I quickly dashed to the immigration clearance section. Man, that was a long queue…

I then got my bags from the carousel and hired a taxi to the hotel. By this time, I was too tired to even do anything fancy. I just wanted to get some sleep. :-)

I recorded this video below the following day to explain why I just couldn’t be asked to go anywhere in Bangkok. *Hint:- The insane Bangkok road traffic! :)

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