Intricate Thai Wood Carving Art..


The journey to the Thai wooden art factory from the pier of the floating market didn’t take that long. I think it took us around 10 minutes drive to get here.

I have to admit that I was totally enchanted by the talent that I saw here. They were just so amazing…carving away a plank of wood and turning it into an almost 3D art. You gotta see it to believe it..Watch this video…

Each wooden carvings would take around 6-12 months to complete and it all depends on the size and the ‘art’. So, if you’d like one of these wooden craft I suggest you do it now… It’ll look fab anywhere at home or office…but of course, it doesn’t come prepare to throw some substantial dosh to get it :-)

I still think that the people working here are a bunch of fabulous individuals who are extremely dedicated to their hats off to all the talented workers working at this wooden carving factory here in Thailand…

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