Leaving The Arctic Circle…


Today the 4th Feb was the last day for us in Tromso. We packed our bags and went down and had our breakfast at the hotel lobby.

The taxi came on time and I went out to put my bags in the boot and while I was heading towards the taxi, I slipped real hard on the snow. The taxi man was concerned because I banged my head against the hard iced snow. :) Luckily, I didnt hurt myself and but most importantly I was glad that Janet didn’t see it because she would laugh real hard…hahahahahaha

It took about ten minutes to reach the airport and we immediately checked in. This was Janet’s final message:

I will definitely come back to Tromso next year. Here’s why…

Janet and I went our separate ways. I was on my way to Berlin and she was on her way back to London. Here’s our final video message together:

I hate saying goodbyes as it’s very disheartening. Janet walked with me to my departure gate. We hugged yet again and that was the last I saw her. ‘Nuff said. Hopefully, she’ll come and see me in the Far East this summer.

The flight to Frankfurt was ok. I immediately changed my connecting flight to Berlin and the flight took 50 minutes.

I got at Berlin airport around 5.15pm and I was already knackered big time. I got my bags on the carousel and walked straight to arrival area. The distance from the airport to the city centre wasn’t that far but unfortunately I didn’t have a euro to my name so I had to look for a money exchange.

I made the biggest mistake of my life for not having euros on me because it took me 20 minutes to find a money exchange counter and when I had finally found it, it was closed.! Darn.

In the end, I walked to the next cash point and withdrew some money. I reall couldn’t moan as it was all my fault anyway. I should have brought my cash well in advance.

Anyway, the taxi didn’t cost that much. I paid 14 euro to get to my hotel which was right in the heart of the Berlin shopping district….( my favourite, of course :) )

I checked in and went straight to bed. Just couldn’t be asked to do anything else. Too tired.

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