More Surprises At Bangkok Palace


I was pleasantly surprised when I got to see a real smaller version / model of Angkor Wat. I had always wanted to see it but didn’t get the chance to get there so seeing a real smaller sized version of Angkor Wat in Bangkok Palace was a real treat. I didn’t quite get the idea on why they have a model of Angkor Wat in Bangkok Palace but hey, I ain’t complaining :) probably its the Buddhist thing…

Angkor Wat at Bangkok Palace

Angkor Wat At Bangkok Palace

… and here is the video of the Angkor Wat model..

Each Thai kings have their own unique emblem and that acts as a signature to their rule and in the next video, you get to see the royal emblem from the previous Thai rulers. Most of them were the Ramas.

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and more great pictures..

Bangkok Palace Golden Shrine

Buddha Deities in Bangkok Palace

You can watch the fabulous Buddha temples and its surrounding buildings in this next video..

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