My Drive To Beautiful Penang Island


I know that I had been taking a break from writing this blog. Reason: Had to sort my businesses here in the Far East. :)

I honestly have to say that it had been hectic for the past few weeks but today I was planned to go Penang! No, I wasn’t going to go there by plane but I was going to drive there. I had never driven in a proper Malaysian motorway before so this was definitely going to be a bit of an adventure considering all the detours I was going to do enjoying the Malaysian food along the way. ;)

My trip to Penang was purely business related. I was going to give a short presentation for the Penangites, stay for a night and drive back to Kuala Lumpur.

The drive was a breeze and everything was clearly signposted. I stopped by several motorway lay by-s to get some food and refeshments. Malaysia is known for its wide variety of food so as a foodie like me, it was quite hard to resist. Best of all, it was all cheap as chips. Didn’t cost the world for great food. Who wouldn’t be happy eh? ;)

The journey to Penang from Kuala Lumpur took just 3 and half hours. There were no serious traffic and it was truly a pleasant drive. I must say that the highlight of the drive must be when I reached the Penang Bridge. It was breathtaking and having had the chance to drive on it was amazing. Great 360 degree views of the sea from the mainland and Penang Island.

I couldn’t stop anywhere to snap pictures.No hard shoulders on the bridge so it would be extremely dangerous otherwise :)

So next time when you’re here, grab a cab or hire a car and drive on the bridge. You’ll love it!!

It took me another 1 hour before reaching my hotel. The road was winding like in Prague and I got lost many times. I should’ve bought the frigging Sat Nav!.

I immediately went to my room, got changed and recorded this video for you. :)

I didn’t do much after the event. Had dinner at the hotel restaurant and went to sleep. I was so tired with the drive and all ;)

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