My Trip To Damnoen Saduak Floating Market.


It didn’t start with a great today. My tour guide had forgotten to pick me up this morning from my hotel for the Floating Market tour. To be quite honest, I was a bit furious about this.I had already paid for it and it was made worst when I couldn’t call the travel agent at 8am when they would open at 9am!

I felt a bit gutted because the Floating Market starts in the morning and that would be the only time when I could snap and record some videos of the interesting local market trades in their little boats…and with all these delays, it was pretty obvious that I would miss it all!!!

Anyway, you’d probably wouldn’t want to know on what happened next but in brief, I spoke to the manager and she said sorry. They agreed to pick me up in the afternoon. I left with no other choice than to agree with the agreement because I had prebooked a ton of other tours in the next couple of days. Oh well, at least I was going to see it anyway… Must start with a positive attitude :)

The guide came on time and I walked straight into the car. I didn’t say much to the tour guide. Just couldn’t be asked :)

The 110km trip from Bangkok took close to 2 hours to arrive at Damnoen Saduak (which is in the Ratchaburi Province). The guide escorted me to the boating place by the canal, leading me to a small Thai boat. The canal was very narrow and small but it then lead to a bigger canal. You get what I mean when you see this video:

I was so famished when I arrived at the floating market that I had to request the tour guide to help me buy some food from the food traders on the boats. I wouldn’t mind requesting it myself if only they understood English and not just Thai… :-)

Anyway, I had this chicken rice which was amazingly super delicious and costs for absolutely nothing. The chilly paste was so yummy and I ate them all in a flash! I really wanted more but the boat from where we bought it from had gone into oblivion. He’d probably have gone somewhere else to look for more new customers..Oh well, such is life…

I went to see the souvenir shop at the market but I couldn’t be asked buying anything. When you’ve been to a ton of souvenir shops as much as I have, all the wares tend to look the i didn’t bother. However, I did ask the sales lady on how some of the crafts were made. Some of it were very beautiful and intricate and most of it were made by hand by the people in the local villages. It was amazing!!

Here is the video of the market. Enjoy…

It didn’t take long before we were on our way back to the mainland. I felt really good despite the unfortunate incident this morning and was now looking forward to see some real Thai wooden craftmanship situated only by a few minutes drive from Damnoen Saduak.

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