Our Onward Journey To Cape Point Continues (Part 5)…


We left the ostrich farm about an hour or so later and we continued our journey to Cape Point.

Now before you moan about the amount of times that I have been showing you of the South African seas then allow me defend myself :)

Honestly, I do not think that the video does any justice particularly in comparison with the ‘real life’ view of the seas here.

I mean if you were here yourself , I’m certain that I could probably hear you say, ‘Oh My God!!!!’ several times :)

So if you try to envision yourself being here with the help of this video without the ‘light overexposure’ then I’m sure you’d appreciate it more. Whatever that means :)

If you don’t understand that, don’t worry…I dont either. Hahaha

Ok, here is another video of the sea from the coastal areas of Cape Point.

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I honestly thought that my visit to the ostrich farm was the last time that I would see ostriches again…

Boy, was I wrong.

This time these big bird creatures don’t just stay in its ‘caged’ surroundings but they do roam wildly in the coast.

Yes, these are some real WILD OSTRICHES…..

If you watch the video, you’d hear our tour guide, Martin explaining about the ostriches that they are bunch of ‘nice’ creatures and they don’t PECK humans…

Hmmmmm, I’m not sure if I would risk that and come close to any of these ostriches…even with 0.000000000001% of it happening :)

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