Singapore Never Dissapoints…


The Singapore Airlines plane from Johannesburg landed very early in the morning at Changi International Airport. I think it was around 7.30-ish..

It was also lovely to see the sunrise at 34,000 feet before touch down. Beautiful tropical sunrise :) Unfortunately, I didn’t take out my camera for photos..Sorry…

Anyway, I’ve been to Singapore many many many many times. So, I know pretty much about the whole place. Not too difficult seeing it is just a small island :)

I took my bags at the carousel and left for the taxi. Those who wishes to get on the tube then all you need to do after you take your bags is to walk to your right and walk straight till the end. Once there, you’ll see the escalators taking you down to the tube. It’s pretty much simple. The underground will take you to almost major Singapore destinations so it’s very easy to get around.

I decided to get the cab as I had a ton of luggage with me. The idea of lugging my bags and all in the tube with the crowd didn’t seem to be a nice idea particularly when I had just got out of a 10 odd hours plane journey.

It didn’t take that long to get to the hotel. I was staying at Meritus Mandarin which is bang on Orchard Road – the shopping haven of Singapore.

I usually stay at the Pan Pacific but I guess I deserve a change. If you ask me why I like Pan Pacific Singapore, well, it’s all due to the lobby. :) It’s ever so big and gorgeous. I love the decor and the whole ambience. Rooms are not too bad either. You have my full recommendation :)

I got to my room and recorded this video. Please bear in mind that I looked really smashed on this video but you get all the best information. Hahahaha

I slept for like 6 hours after recording the video. I was really knackered!

It was still raining here in Orchard Road. My friend, Jo han Mok called me up to organise some dinner with his wife and friend. So that’s booked for tonight.

My stomach was already grumbling at this time. I decided to go down and walk around Orchard Road and try get something to eat. The crowd was almost double and the were police too. I asked the tourist police here and he said that there was going to a huge Chingay Parade celebration. Hmmmm now that’d be interesting to see :)

Anyway, I went to look for a restaurant to eat. This Chingay thingy will just have to wait till I feed my belly :)

Lunch was good. I had some typical Singaporean food.

I walked back to the hotel and the parade was about to start. The people were already packing up. Music was blasting. Here’s the video taken just outside the hotel on Orchard Road.

I wasnt there for long as I had to prepare for my friend’s dinner invite. So more food :)

Tomorrow, I’m off to Kuala Lumpur. Sorry guys, I had just one day in Singapore. Been here too many times. I may add more pics and videos on my next trip here :)

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