Speed Boating In The Chao Phraya River..


We were then taken to the embankment of Chao Phraya River so we could wait for our boat to arrive and pick us all up for a quick tour around Chao Phraya River.

Unfortunately, the boat wasn’t really a white yacht but more like a rickety old wooden boat that sank a little as you enter the boat. Hahahaha Yeah I got a bit worried but I was pretty sure that it was safe.

Anyway, as per usual, here is the video of me at the embankment of Chao Phraya River.

and here is another video showing you the beautiful Grand Palace and a number of Buddha temples recorded from the river.

We had to stop for a little while to feed the catfish with pieces of bread. I was told that the fishes here are very much revered in Buddhism and that the Thai people are not allowed to catch them. Not sure if thats true but I had fun watching them anyway. It didn’t bother me that much :)

This boating trip signalled the end of our tour for the day and we were driven back to our respective hotels.

I’d be off to the Floating Market tomorrow. Now that would be very interesting :)

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