The Best Bobsleigh Ride Anyone Could Have On A New Years Day!


I did see this ride whilst on the ski lift going up to the ski area but I didnt expect it to be open to the public. I mean, Cmon…Why would they let anyone to get on it at winter time! No roller coaster would be open in any winter conditions in any theme park. It’s too dangerous! (Well at least to my knowledge :) )

Despite all that, I was pleasantly surprised when I realised that this Alpyland in Mottarone, Italy was open today. Happy days!

This ride is totally unique. It uses gravity and it takes you to the creepiest edge of the mountain.. (A bit like tobogganning but 1000 times better!! )..and safer..despite it being the ultimate scary ride (I mean, if you’re afraid of heights that is :) ) Sorry for being dramatic here.

Just watch the video below. You’ll get what I mean. Enjoy! :)

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Facebook comments:

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It's really amazing and i appreciate with your work and i think this is the best way to celebrate new years eve.

Parker says:

This is amazing! I really want to try that! There need to be more roller coasters like that, low and fast, but with lots of turns. I re-posted it to VMAP, a site for videos about places, on a map. Its my site, I'm developing. Soon I'll have the option to put a link next to the video, so people can discover your blog when they discover the video, but for now you can simply add any youtube video you want to the map. Heres this one, http://www.vmap.com/video/NUIa

MariaLawrence says:

I believe it is the best way to celebrate new years eve, especially with family and friends in such a theme park.
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