The Big Lizard At The ‘Bang Pa In’ Summer Palace.


Today was another exciting day for me as I was preparing for another great tour to the infamous Ayutthaya Old City. But before we headed to Ayutthaya, we stopped by at the Summer Palace for the Kings of Thailand or more aptly named – Bang Pa In.

During the journey, I had befriended this really lovely American lady from New York who travelled to Thailand with her son. We got on so well that we had completely lost track of time by chatting away – making the 40 odd miles journey to the Summer Palace a total breeze :-)

Anyway, the tour company paid our entry tickets and we immediately hired a golf buggy to travel around the Palace. It was a hot day and we couldnt be asked walking around the palace areas. It was also easier to travel in a buggy and super cheap as well :-)

Here we were enjoying the views when we had to put the buggy to a complete stop. I saw this really big lizard relaxing away under the sun and thought it was a perfect moment to record a video. The lizard was so big. I couldnt believe that an animal like this one was allowed to remain and roam freely within the grounds of the palace! I mean, what if there were little toddlers around…

Well, I just had to keep my comments to myself. Who knows, it could be the King’s pet lizard. :-)

Now lets watch the lizard shall we?…

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