The Next Day In Pretoria, South Africa


It was quite of a relaxing sleep from yesterday. I felt so much better and more revived. The weather was really good too. It wasn’t that much of a difference than in Cape Town. Nice, hot and sunny.

I had my breakfast and I immediately planned on what to do or see next. I decided that I wouldn’t want to join any tour companies. This time I was going to do it myself.

So here I went, on my own, driving to Pretoria. Weird thing was, I didn’t stop anywhere. I just drove and drove whilst I took in the view and its surroundings. Reasons? Well maybe I had yet to recover from the story-telling phobia at the airport.

There were loads of nice places to see here in Pretoria but I suppose, I would just have to come back with a friend or something. It’s rather sad to miss it all while you’re here but I ain’t doing it all alone. :) I blame it on the kiddo at the airport!

For obvious reasons, it didnt take that long when I was driving back to the hotel. Suddenly, I had a jolly good idea. I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be great  if I could drive all the way to the Sun City. I mean C’mon. It’s the PLACE to be. Everyone and everybody is going to be there :)

I parked the car and went straight the hotel’s reception. I queried with the Concierge and they gave me a detailed map and driving instructions. Now this would be an adventure indeed!

The rest of the day was spent doing almost nothing. Watched CNN and other movie channels. In total, it was just a relaxing day and preparing for the next big day tomorrow for Sun City. :)

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