The Old Bridge Over River Kwai..


I didn’t realise that there was another bridge over River Kwai still in existence. The information was only just given to me by our tour guide when we all had got back onto the tour bus.

I thought, “What a pleasant surprise!” and FYI, this River Kwai Bridge however, was much older and is still in use today!

We were also told that we would be driven to a train station and wait for the train to arrive. This train would take us all the way over the Bridge over River Kwai.Wow!! Great experience I’d say :-)

The journey to the train station took about 30-40 mins but the weather was becoming unbearable. It was too hot and dry for my liking and the air conditioning in the bus wasn’t sufficient to cool any of us. It was bad!

Anyhow, we got to the Thakilen train station and waited for the train. Thailand trains are never on schedule so we had no choice but to wait in the heat of the dry sun! Bad experience but I was pretty sure that it was all soon going to be worth it!

I took some pictures whilst we were waiting for the train to arrive. These photos were taken within the vicinity of the train station…

The train station:

Thakilen Train Station

The Old Train Wooden Planks..

Old Train Wooden Planks

A Village House In Thakilen

Village House In Thakilen

I was instantly relieved when heared the sound of the train. I was beginning to think that it would never come :-)

Here is the video of the train arriving at Thakilen train station...A God send!!! :)

The train journey experience was amazing as the train was quite antique in my mind. It was old and rickity but despite all that, it was great fun. :)

During the journey, we passed next to an old hospital that was specially made in a cave. All those injured during the war was treated here. I took a video of the cave and I hope that you can see it in the video. Otherwise, try and replay it again till you finally see it :)

The train crossed the old Bridge of River Kwai.I could not snap any photos or videos this time as everyone on the train was snapping away so due to ‘safety reasons’ I had decided to sit and enjoyed the view. Hope I didn’t let you down :)

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