The Worlds Biggest Golden Buddha – 5 Tons in Gold!


The following day, the tour people brought me to visit some of the great temples of Bangkok. The first stop was this smallish temple called Wat Traimit – or in English – ‘The Temple of Golden Buddha’

For obvious reasons, the temple has 1 major focal tourist point and thats the Golden Buddha.

The Golden Buddha weighs over 5 tons and its all made in real solid gold and it’s huge! It was amazing. I was sure that it must have been really difficult to make it, particularly during those early days. Heres the video of the Golden Buddha (probably in 24K Gold :-) )

and heres me with the Golden Buddha in the background :)

The Worlds Biggest Golden Buddha

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Facebook comments:

Brian says:

This statues are amazing! Real gold too. I remember my trip to Wat Pho to see the massive sleeping Buddah which reminds me o update my blog! :-)

Ambar Hamid says:

Yes I think you should update it. Your pictures look really good and worth opening up a photo exhibition :)
Look forward to it :D