This Jade Buddha Is Huge!


I then walked towards another temple that had a huge Jade Buddha in it. I’d been told that its one of the biggest Buddha that was made in Jade. So I guess it has great £$$ value :-)

The Jade Buddha in the video below may look slightly tiny as I took the whole thing through the door looking in from the outside. The people inside the temple didn’t allow me to record any videos inside the building, so I guess what I did here is semi- illegal. Hehehe

Here you go…

Picture below is not that overly clear. But I did my best :)


This next video will show one of my favourite bits in the palace and that was the park. I thought it was a really beautiful sight and it reminded me of the Palace’s gardens in Tokyo. The trees there looked more like bigger version of Bonsai trees and well ‘manicured’. Hence, why I liked the gardens here.

Also, you can also see some of the official buildings where the current Thai King go to entertain his guests. Have a watch…

and this is me again with the Palace in the background. I then left the Palace and headed back into the hotel. Had a quick rest and wandered about in the streets of Bangkok. More exciting tours tomorrow :-)


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