This Time It’s The Giraffes and The Hippo!


The day was bright and the sky was so blue with almost no clouds in sight. Although the sky was clear, I was beginning to feel slightly unsure about this safari trip.

Now I know that this may sound contradictory to my earlier post referring on how happy I was for this safari adventure but it wasn’t exactly that….I was happy but not totally happy… let me explain…

Imagine this, when you sit at the front of a safari trailer which is next to the ranger and with no roof above the head fully exposed in a 45 degrees prickling heat, Whoa, I can tell you – it’s like being locked up in the sauna! I am certain that any sign of happiness or joy would soon dwindle. :)

I could see my skin burning up but I had no one to blame. It was me who decided to sit at the front so I could take clear videos and snap lots of photographs. Oh well, what could you do, eh?

Anyway, looking back, it wasn’t so bad after all. The animals were really cool in the wild and somehow it had a calming effect on me :) , So in the end, I did enjoy it, although I had to invest in lots of sun protection lotion..Just joking :)

Our ranger decided that we should take a rest for a wee while under a tree and it was during this moment that I had to take the opportunity to ask my new friend from Norway to snap a picture of myself :) (Yes, I am vain, I know :) )

Ambar Hamid in the safarirent a car bulgaria

Ambar Hamid in the safari

I then felt a sudden urge to go to the mens room. Gosh, where in the world in a wildlife safari could you find a toilet!!…how could anyone find any? Darn….

Anyway, I had no choice but to leave on foot away from the group (with permission, that was :) ) and

do the business. I then saw a big old dried up tree with a huge bark and I decided to do it there. I must tell ya that I was totally relieved once done. Imagine if I did encounter a big snake or Tarantula looking spiders, or even a big momma lion..eeeewww God forbid :)

We were already ready to continue once I got back to the group. This time we’re going to see the giraffes. Yippeee.. I love GIRAFFES :)

And so we went…..but we got lost en-route. Apparently, our ranger lost sight with the other ranger who we were following from behind. I didn’t panic. She had her walkie talkie with her so as long as she had the walkie talkie then I’m all cool. But hold on a minute, shouldn’t she know every nook and cranny of this place anyway!!

We found the other group in the end and I managed to film more video particularly the bumpy ride we had to endure. Watch it..

Finally, we found the giraffes. It’s my first time seeing them in the wild. Our friendly ranger told us a ton of stories about them.

The giraffes here are slightly shorter than in Kenya. Apparently, giraffes in Kenya can go as high as 6 metres. Watch the next video to find out..

and another. This time with the zebras – close up :)

Next to the giraffes were these rhinos hidden in the bushes, lazing about and doing nothing :) There were two of them and one of them stood up when one of the giraffes came close to their territory. Go watch the next video and you get to know why humans kill the rhinos for stupid reasons and why it is such an endangered species…

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