Trip To The Bridge Over River Kwai


The trip from the war cemetary didn’t take that long to get to River Kwai and we got there just in time for lunch. I remember the day real well. It was a hot and dry afternoon and all I wanted for the day was to drink shed loads of super icy cold water. The heat was too overwhelming…

I have always wanted to come see the bridge over River Kwai so I had no choice but to subconsciously ‘delete’ the thought of being burned under the tropical sun for a little while. :)

There’s a small River Kwai train station which is not too far to the infamous bridge. The rail tracks are still in use but the tourists and locals use it and walk over it. I mean, what if there was an oncoming train!! That’d be dangerous!

(I believe the exclusive Eastern & Oriental Express train passes through here also..)

and here is the River Kwai Bridge train station sign…

River Kwai Bridge Sign

I immediately got weak in the knees when I found out that you could actually walk on the bridge over the River Kwai. There wasn’t a foot path per se, but you walk through the centre of the rail tracks leading to the other end of the bridge

I thought that was crazy. It was definitely a health and safety hazard. The train still passes through this route. I mean what if the train comes, what would I do? Walk to the precipice of the bridge and witness the sheer drop to River Kwai? Oh No No….

Look at this…

Walking On The Bridge Over River Kwai

It may look harmless in this picture but I tell ya, I was a bit petrified! :)

Ok despite the fear I actually did walk over the bridge. It would be a great shame otherwise :) Yes, I know I moan a lot :)

and here’s the view of River Kwai from the bridge…

The River Kwai, Thailand

and here is the floating ‘homes’ or ‘restaurant’ (Not sure)

Floating Homes On River Kwai

I walked to the middle of the bridge when it finally dawned on me that this was a bit too much. I started feeling quesy so I walked back to safety….and no I didn’t walk to the other end of the bridge. Hell no :)

FYI, the bridge was originally built in wood but as time passed, the Thai government replaced it with steel structure. Nonetheless, it is still a beautiful bridge.

The Bridge Over River Kwai

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