My Journey To Johannesburg Airport For Flight To Singapore


I woke up early this morning and had my breakfast. Then I went back to the room and packed up. I quickly checked out and drove straight to Johannesburg Airport.

The car needed to be filled up with a full tank of petrol before I could return it back to them but I seriously couldn’t be asked going around and find a petrol station. So, I gave them the car back with almost an empty tank :) . I was pretty lucky that they do a ‘pumping service’ but with additional pumped up charge. Oh well.. what can you do when you couldn’t be asked. LOL.

I checked in at the Singapore Airlines counter and went straight through security. There wasn’t much to do here at Johannessburg Airport. The shops didn’t interest me so I found a seat somewhere and read a book.

Not too long after that I heard that a Malaysia Airlines plane was about to depart and as it wasn’t too far away from me, I decided to take a picture of it before it flew back to Kuala Lumpur.

Here’s the picture of the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 747 plane

Malaysia Airlines Boeing 747 in Johannessburg

Was the picture above pointless? :) I mean how many times have you seen a boring plane right? Hahahaha Anyway the reason being why snapped the picture was because I adore Malaysia Airlines and Singapore Airlines services. I think they have the best cabin service amongst all the other airlines out there…I always try and fly with them whenever I get the chance. (I think they should pay me for this ever so lovely testimonial :) )

My Singapore Airlines flight to Singapore was due an hour after the Malaysia Airlines flight. I walked to the gate and went on board. There wasn’t much things to do anyway. It’s going to be a long 10 odd hours flight so I might as well get my well deserved rest.

Oh BTW, I got this video footage for you as we took off from Johannessburg Airport. I thought it was pretty cool :)

Enjoy and see you in Singapore.

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We are very appreciative of the support that you have given Malaysia Airlines. Thank you for the praise regarding our cabin crew services. We do hope, you will continuously choose us whenever you fly.

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