The Following Day In Prague…


I have decided that today was my relaxation day and I must try to recover from my tired and aching feet. I had walked for miles and miles yesterday and I think I deserved a rest.

I started the day with my delicious hotel buffet breakfast and I quickly dashed up to my room to finish off with some of my work that badly needed completing.

Strangely, I got bored quickly doing the work :) I guess working while having a fab holiday could have a very adverse affect to the quality of your work – no matter how hard you try… I know I know, it sounds lame but who cares anyway, it’s my holiday hahahahaahahahaha

Round about noon time, I had decided that I shouldnt be doing any more work. I got changed and walked straight out of the hotel along with my ‘FREE’ Prague map. :)

I walked via the Jewish Quarter (Josefov) towards the beautiful Charles Bridge. Here are some of the pictures I took during my strolling session :) (By the way, weather was much better than yesterday. It didn’t snow :) )

Charles Bridge Not sure what this building is called.. :) Views on Charles Bridge Statues on Charles Bridge More buildings just opposite Charles Bridge

I had a surprised text from my new found friends at the club yesterday and they were asking me to go back again tonight. I texted them and said YES!! :) I had a blast and yes they made my day again…..

Anyway, I continued my stroll towards the Old Town Square. This place is absolutely magnificient. If you’re here, you’ll be surrounded by gorgeous ancient buildings.

Ok, before you ask where are the pics….so here goes;

Old Town Square 1 Clock Tower at The Old Town Square Old Town Square 2 Old Town Square 3

For Prada, Louis Vuitton etc enthusiasts, you’ll be pleased to know that it is just around the corner from Old Town Square. The road name is Namesti something :) .

I know I am not being helpful. But you cant miss it. It stands out by a mile particularly that huge Chanel logo jutting out from the Chanel boutique :) . If you walk straight ahead on that road, you’ll get to Intercontinental Prague. One of my favourite hotel chains.

I have to admit that I got lost a wee bit from the Old Town Square but I quickly made it to safety. :) See I can survive you know…

I was at Vaclavske Namesti (Main Square) when my stomach grumbled. I then decided that McDonalds was the answer. Junk food time.

Here is the pic from the square. At the far end you’ll see the National Museum. I didn’t go in there. Just couldn’t be asked. Seen too many of them.

Museum at the square

That was it. Tired. Off back to the hotel.

After my well deserved rest, shower and fresh pair of clothes, I was ready for my session at the club with my new found friends. I am not going to include it on this blog but FYI, I had a fab time!! :)

Unfortunately I didn’t spend too much time there. I came back around 1 AM. My flight was just a few hours away :(

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