3rd Biggest Reclining Buddha In Thailand At Wat Pho Temple


We were then driven to our next Thailand historical temple destination and that was the Wat Pho Temple, also famously known as the place where you learn how to traditionally Thai massage.

I actually loved the whole place. I thought it was brimming with character and all the intricate Buddhist carvings were simply magnificient!

I was also told that the statue behind me (in the following photo) is apparently the infamous Marco Polo.

I hope you wouldn’t blame me if I was wrong in saying that it was Marco Polo because I found it hard myself to even find any resemblance to the great world adventurer. All I could see were Chinese looking statues…:) Oh well, maybe its the Buddhist version of Marco Polo.. :D

Wat PhoTemple

Obviously, the highlight of this trip was definitely the big Reclining Buddha. Here are some of the photos taken inside the temple.

The Head of the Reclining Buddha at the Wat Pho

The Reclining Buddha In Wat Pho Temple

and here is the video of this huge Reclining Buddha..

Now if you did watch the video, you could probably hear the ”Kerching sound every few seconds.

No, that wasn’t like money falling out of the sky or something :) , but it was the sound of coins being thrown inside a bowl.

FYI, it wasn’t just one bowl but a line of bowls that runs in parallel to the back of the Buddha so each time when you throw the coin, you could pray and make a wish. But as there were many bowls, you could literally have unlimited wishes. Hehehe :) . Now thats the charms of Wat Pho Temple :)

Lastly, here is another picture of me taken just outside the temple. :)

Wat PhoTemple

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