Driving Back To Kuala Lumpur From Penang, Malaysia


Woke up a bit late and missed the breakfast buffet :( Nothing new there…I always miss the breakfast :)

Anyway, I had a quick shower, then packed all my stuff and went down to check out. It was almost noon and the plan to go to the beach had to be cancelled. I walked down to the parking lot in the basement and whacked all of my stuff in the car.

The weather was getting really hot. The sun was blaring and I was getting hungry. I missed the traditional Penang ‘Nasi Kandar’ so I ventured out of the hotel to look for it. It wasn’t long till I found an Indian Muslim restaurant that sells it. I grabbed a chair and ordered it with special honeyed chicken. My God, it was delicious ;)

After lunch was over, I walked back to the hotel and went straight to the car for my journey back to Kuala Lumpur. There were a ton of stuff waiting for me to do in KL so I must rush back.

Penang was very pleasant despite being here less than 48 hours. I’d definitely come back!

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