Bangkok Palace At Its Best!


I had my well deserved rest from last night and I was ready for my first tour of the day and that was a trip to Bangkok Palace.

I had already booked a bus loads of tours yesterday for each day that I was here. I just couldn’t be asked going and venturing things on my own particularly after the bad traffic experience and being stuck in the cab for hours on end which I had to endure upon my arrival here in Bangkok…so never again. Precaution is always great. Hehe :)

Anyway, I hired a tour guide to take me to Bangkok Palace. This time, I preferred to hire a tour guide because I was certain that I would require a ton of questions that needed explanations especially with all the history and all. A big tour group would be very difficult to really grasp all the important information so I was sure that the decision was good. :)

I arrived at Bangkok Palace just an hour before noon and the sun was already shining above our heads but despite all that, I could see a throng of tourists who were patiently queing to get into the palace. I could also see the golden pagodas from the outside gates of the palace. It was all really exciting.

Here is a picture of the cheeky me taken outside Bangkok Palace..

Ambar standing outside Bangkok Palace

I saw a bunch of Thai Royal Palace Guards marching away and yes, for your sakes, I did captured the ‘marching moments’ on video.

No, it wasn’t really like the change of the guards at Buckingham Palace..well at least not yet…LOL…

Bangkok Palace did not let me down. It was truly an awesome sight. There were golden temples everywhere, beautiful pagodas and lots of Buddhas. Beautiful.

Here are some of the pictures that I took. I hope you like it.

Golden Pagodas at Bangkok Palace

More Golden PagodasBangkok Palace Golden Pagodas

Bangkok Palace Shrine

and here are more pictures with me in it. Of course, I had to be in it :)

Ambar Hamid at Bangkok Palace
Ambar at the Golden PagodaAmbar at the Bangkok Palace

And here is a video excerpts with my helpful tour guide explaining things and the history of Bangkok Palace…

I think that’s it for now. I will continue with more pictures and videos in the second section for Bangkok Palace blog post. There are just too many pictures and videos to show. out for my next post shortly :)

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Brian says:

Great post Ambar, I have visited Thailand but some how missed out on all these places. Thanks