Vineyards and The Burned Out Hills In South Africa


We were driven back to Cape Town via a different route. I didn’t mind because if we were to travel on the same route like earlier in the morning – I would freak out :) Imagine going downhill next to a big gorge separated with just a few metres away. Maybe it has no effect on you but for me it was an absolute BIG No No.

Although it was not the same route, we still passed through some of the most scenic places here in South Africa and these include some amazing views of the ubiquitous vineyards.

Here’s a picture of another vineyard taken en-route back to Cape Town.

Vineyards of South Africa

Our tour guide stopped us all for a wee break in a nice place overlooking the hills. The unique bit about the hills were that there were burned by some unscrupulous someone who must have thrown their cigarette butt in the bushes and it ended up burning the whole place – including the surrounding areas. You can see it here…

Burned Out Hills in South Africa

See, it’s all black! and all the bushes were gone and only a few bits that was left out :) Hopefully, it can grow and make the whole place greener again.

Anyway, that wasn’t the cool part. The cool part was when we were informed that our ‘amazing’ tour guide had left the keys in the van and guess what? It left us all stranded, all alone in the group with nothing much to do.

Our guide immediately called the local AA and as we were far away from civilisation, it took them 2 odd hours to arrive. And in the meantime, all of us in the group ended up in the bar having a good jolly time :) Well, the experience wasn’t so bad after all.

Due to the intense delay, we got back to our respective hotels at night. I immediately pack up my bags. Tomorrow, I’m off to my next destination – Johannesburg :)

Now that would be interesting…

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