Ostrich On The Prowl (Part 4)


It was very windy when we finally arrived at the ostrich farm. The sky was still bright and blue.

I wasn’t going to complain :)

To be honest, I’d never seen an ostrich up close before in my life so this was definitely going to be really an exciting venture. The farm was huge. It’s like the size of a proper vineyard.

I saw a bunch of ostriches at the enclosure and went straight to them. They were big but I couldn’t muster the courage to getting closer to the fence because I might get pecked :) ….noo not really, they’re practically harmless..

Here is a picture of myself with the background of an ostrich trying all his might to peck me. Classic. LOL

Ostrich Farm In South Africa

My travel mate, Zoey is such an animal lover. She had probably snapped zillions of ostrich pictures. Bless her.

Here is another picture of the well fed ostrich…


..and of course, I have a video of the ostriches for you as well. In fact, on this video, you’d see the ostrich pecking away to their heart content and if you scrutinise intently, you’d see that some of them had wee cat naps and they shut their eyelids. Well, that’s just based on my speculation anyway, as they could be avoiding the dusts or small flying particles from the blustering winds.

Oh well, what do I know eh…

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The ostriches are amazing animals. Everytime when they lay their eggs, the owner would recycle them by turning them into souvenirs and art deco stuff. The wall of the eggs are really thick and hard so this would make it ideal for making other useful stuff.

The shop in the farm was amazing. They literally sold everything that could be made out of the ostrisches, eg wallets, key chains, carpets and other great stuff. I found it truly amazing. Nothing could really go to waste. This was indeed an eye opener.

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