The Drive To Sun City – Gaming World From Pretoria


I woke up early again and did the usual thing – shower, breakfast bla bla bla. I then gathered all the maps and driving instructions given to me yesterday and started studying them. I had to do this purely because I didn’t have the SatNav with the mank of a car I got off the hired car company. Reason given to me was that they had given all the SatNav away to all their customers on that day and it seemed that the minute I was asking for it – it was gone. Yeah, I wonder why I tend to always get that. Hmmm…

Anyway, this journey would be a long one and I was getting a bit nervous. Driving in a foreign country in a different continent of the world which I had yet to set foot on until a few days ago proved to be a  bit unnerving but at the end of the day, it’s what we call ADVENTURE. I mean that’s what life all about right? :)

So here I went driving in the car and armed with all the necessary manual ‘paper’ tools that would seem to be the prime guidance for me to get to Sun City safely.  If I could go to Brixton in London and back home, then I was sure I could do this. Hehehehehe

The journey started off with me driving off the normal or which I usually call the A road that lead towards the motorway (or highway to some people :) ). About 45 minutes later I was at the motorway toll station and as I was paying the amount due, I had to ask the man if I was heading in the right direction. Hey, you never know about these things :)

He did confirmed that I was doing just fine and that I should get there in 2 hours or so. That made me smile. I mean BIG SMILE. :)

With the newborn confidence, I switched on the car radio on full blast and chilled. The weather was nice but it was starting to heat up. But who cares right, I was just having the joys of my life here….

I saw the sign to get off the motorway and back to the A road. This A road journey was a long one indeed and there wasn’t seem so much ‘life’ around. Deep in my conscious mind, I hoped that the car would go smoothly and wouldn’t break down as if it did, I would be in deep s%$^. Who on earth would be able to come and help me! Even the AA would take ‘years’ to arrive.

So enough of the negative mindset here :) and to cut the long story short, I did finally got into the Sun City entrance alright.

Now before you are allowed to come into this Sun City, you had to pay the entrance fee. I could not remember exactly how much it was but I got my ticket along with a big gold coin that I could use at the casino.. The gold coin was HUGE!!! I mmediately felt privileged and insanely RICH.  Hehehehe…Now that was good marketing!!!

I parked my car next to one of the casino complexes. I then looked at the time. It showed 11 ish. It seemed that it only took me arround 3 hours to get here. Not bad after all!.

(PS: If you arrive direct from Johannesburg Airport there is a shuttle bus service from there. I suppose you can always query at the tourist desk) :)

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