The Safari Continues…Wild Cheetahs and Lions (Part 2)


It took us approximately 2 and half hours to reach the safari game reserve. This place is very very big. It’s a huge game reserve with all sorts of wild animals in it that when you dare to venture inside on your own, you might end up losing yourself in there for a couple of days before being rescued :)

We got there to a nice welcome. We were escorted to a tent where we were given cool juices to drink. There’s a swimming pool here as well, which I thought was cool. I ended up talking with my English tour mates talking about the usual crap :)

I then decide to leave the group for a wee bit for a quiet stroll around the ‘Welcome area’ and suddenly, out of nowhere, I found this parrot perched on this made up branch. The bird was super huge and so beautiful with colourful feather and everything. I didn’t dare come close to it because you never know that the bird might poke you real bad like a hawk :)

Here’s the picture of the parrot… This parrot must be really moody because he didn’t speak a word. Not even a hello :)

Found at the Game Reserve

Found at the Game Reserve

and here’s the view from the back. He’s beautiful…

It wasn’t long after that when we were called to group up again to commence our safari trip. There were a number of those open top safari trailers lined up at the safari house. I decided to sit next to the safari ranger because I get a better peripheral view and better video for you lot too :) .

It was getting hotter by the minute and the sun was blazing above our heads but I just couldn’t care less. This was my first time in a safari park and I get to see all those animals. It’s exciting and supercool so sod the heat :)

Here’s a picture of how hot and dry this place is. You could probably fry an egg within minutes of exposure…

Here’s the video as we were entering the safari game reserve…(A bumpy ride indeedy)

The first wild animal that we saw was the cheetah a.k.a the speedy cat :) . We were lucky because the ranger a.k.a safari tour guide was extremely friendly and loves telling us great stories about the animals. I’ve never seen real cheetahs in front of my very eyes before so this was a big plus plus. The video below shows you the cheetahs as well as explanations on their fertility and how we started naming them. It was fun. You gotta watch it :)

Shortly after seeing the cheetahs, we were brought to see the big scary lions. Unfortunately when we arrived, there was no roaring business. They were to relax to even be asked to do anything active :) . Anyway, we were told some gruesome true stories about how these lions were brought here. Seriously, you must watch the video below. There were cages and all. It’s sad :( . Leave your comment below and let me know what you think….

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That's a beatiful parakeet there.. Colorful and nice..